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Weight Loss Coaching


Hi, I’m Alexia. I will teach you the diet to reach your target weight and the methods to keep it!

I should be upfront about one thing: I have no secret formula and I am no guru of any kind. I am not a doctor, psychologist or nutritionist. My background is actually in business and I’ve spent most of my career in corporate sales.

What I am is a regular person who has been through hell and back with compulsive overeating, to the extent that it nearly ruined my life.

The only thing that I did right was to never give up and to keep learning about different diets, methods, courses, books; you name it - everything and anything with the slightest chance of a solution.

I thank my Lucky Star that I finally came across the Bulletproof Diet and the Wim Hof Method. These have together formed the foundation to my freedom out of Pig Out Hell.

I’ve transformed from a miserable insomniac with mood swings so bad that I was misdiagnosed as bipolar, to a healthy and happy person who is mostly loving my life.

The Bulletproof Diet taught me how to eat to end my sugar cravings, feel good and have energy – all whilst enjoying food.

The Wim Hof Method – with its breathing technique, yoga and cold exposure – gave me the resilience to stop reaching for junk food whenever I felt stressed (or angry, scared, excited… Whatever.)

Together, these roadmaps have healed me from within and enabled me to live a wonderful life I never thought was possible!


The Benefactory’s Guide to Optimal Weight and Living!

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So why should you bother having me as your coach, right? Anyone can read the book or do the course. Most people are fine with that (actually, most people are also fine with a little bit of McDonalds here and there too!).

But my clients, like myself, are not “most people”. For us, it is not as simple as going to the Health section in the food store and attending a couple of yoga classes every week. We have used food as a way to self-medicate for so long that it is very, VERY difficult to change this pattern. (As an example, my overeating has even extended over into cucumbers and veggie sticks. #rocknroll)

People say “Relax, it’s just a little bit of chocolate!” And that is easy to say, if that is all that it is to you. But for my clients and I, food is much more powerful than that. It can take over our lives: dictate how we spend our time, disconnect us from the people who we care about, make us miss out on amazing opportunities.

Because aren’t there things that you’d much rather do with yourself than pig out on cake?

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I used to think that I was a hopeless overeater, until I found the formula that worked. This is exactly what I will teach you!

What I am offering is a two-fold approach that will give you a foundation so strong that if you follow the suggestions, it WILL work. (If it did for me, there is hope for everyone - trust me.)

Firstly, I will teach you what foods to eat and what to avoid to reach your target weight. This will be a super exciting experience, as you will see the results quickly - you will lose up to a pound a day! And don’t worry – that will not require you to spend 5 hours a day working your ass off at the gym. No, with the right food you hardly need to work out at all! This was revolutionary news to me, having been used to half-killing myself at the gym 6 days a week and still looking bloated.

I will teach you how to optimise your workout routine so that you can spend only about FIFTEEN minutes a week working out. (That is - If you want to!)


The rest of the time you can enjoy your new, happy life and show off your killer body.

In this educating part of the coaching, you might be surprised to learn how certain foods that you have always thought were healthy are in fact the reason why you are struggling with your weight and can’t stop eating. It will be an exhilarating, eye-opening and sometimes scary experience. But shedding off the weight will make it all worth it!

The second element of my coaching is where I will support and guide you to build the resilience required to stay on track with your new diet for good. Because I know perfectly well that it’s not just about the food. Food used to be a drug to me and I had to heal on the inside to stop using it like that. This is where I will work together with you to find methods that work for YOU.


The Wim Hof Method and its cold exposure therapy worked for me, but please don’t be scared that I will throw you into an ice bath first thing. That’s not until the third session. (Just kidding.)

Perhaps something else will be your solution and I am committed to work together with you until we find whatever that is.

I will coach you as you free yourself from the shackles of food, and empower yourself to live the life of your dreams!



The right fuel for our bodies is essential for healthy, happy and enjoyable living. I will show you how to get your diet right, which will unleash success in every area of your life!

“Success” in today’s society is mainly associated with achieving wealth and status: getting the right car or handbag, climbing the corporate ladder, going on flashy vacations. Those things can of course be GREAT and I’m not the one to turn down a luxury hotel stay. I personally say “Let the money rain!”

But it’s just utterly sad when we build up our treasurers on shore whilst mentally drowning in desperation. Your achievements do not have to be detrimental to your health!

What’s the point in driving a flashy car if you can hardly fit your ass on the driver’s seat? Or if your steering wheel is greasy from donut fingers, binging on your way to work?

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In my corporate career, I have witnessed this bizarre concept first hand. I have seen people achieving “success” whilst shaving years off their lives by sitting miserably glued to a computer screen all day, eating nothing but junk food.

I’ve been there myself: a top sales rep; “killing it”, making money, “going places”. But my relationship with food made me feel like the loneliest person in the world and no money or “success” could take that away.


It’s a bit scary when you think about how key diet is to every other area in our lives...

Try to ace your career if your energy crashes in an important meeting, because you stuffed your face with cake 30 minutes before. Try to feel sexy and confident on a dinner date, when you get diarrhoea from the pasta that you couldn’t resist. Try to nurture your friendships when you start screaming and crying from a blood sugar crash.

On the other hand, let’s reframe this:

How EXCITING is it that diet is so fundamental to everything in our lives? If we get that right, there is nothing holding us back!

Just imagine what you could do, if you didn’t let food get in the way?

Imagine going into that work meeting full of energy, getting everyone aboard on your great ideas because they can’t resist your radiance and passion. Imagine being excited about ripping off your clothes so that you can impress your date with your strong, lean and healthy body. Imagine having a great time with your friends, which does not include complaining about your weight but instead discussing your amazing life! How about that?

That is the journey that I invite YOU to take together with me. If you are curious to learn more and to see if I am a good fit with you on your quest towards your optimal weight and living, please request a complimentary consultation in the Contact form below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Welcome to Creating Your Best Version at The Benefactory!

Love, Alexia




I paid for advice and received a mentor, friend and saviour

I first met Alexia in 2012, with my spirit broken. I was unemployed, carrying an excess 10 kilos, binge drinking alcohol on a regular basis and struggling with depression and emotional overeating.

Thanks to Alexia and the coaching that she provides, I have completely transformed my life. Like Alexia, today I am extremely driven and goal-orientated. I work a demanding full time job, so needless to say it is important that I maximise my health and performance in every area of my life. I rarely drink alcohol today, I have shed the extra 10 kilos and significantly decreased my anti-depressant medications. 

Alexia takes a multifaceted approach to health, realising that food and exercise are just two (although important) components of a bigger picture. I would recommend Alexia’s services to anyone who is seeking improved health, fitness, career empowerment, self-love or self-development. Her commitment to her clients is resolute – she is like my personal cheer squad all in one!

Tanya, Sydney



Since I started working with Alexia, I have seen a very marked improvement in my energy levels. My skin is glowing and even my hair is shining and looking much healthier. I am also much happier.

Thank you Alexia, for getting me back on track in a matter of months!

Rita Bassi, London



I attended one of Alexia’s seminars. Her enthusiasm showed that she wasn’t just passing on information, but was telling a story of something that works and can really change your life. If you would like more energy, be more positive, become more motivated, lose weight, Alexia is definitely the one to contact. She has tremendous enthusiasm for helping people and also a great deal of knowledge and knows what works.

Rosie, London



I know Alexia to be a truly dedicated and inspirational mentor, who can kick anyone’s butt into gear.

Marianne, Copenhagen



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